How can non-planar media surfaces engage viewers spatially and perceptively in ways that traditional flat screens or projection surfaces cannot?
‘The Dome’ was commissioned by Swinburne’s School of Design for the 2019 GradX annual graduate exhibition. The installation was commissioned as a public-facing showcase of the artistic and technical prowess of Swinburne’s School of Design. The piece is a 2.5m lightweight dome section made from CNC-milled polystyrene foam, timber and steel and serves as a curved projection surface for moving images in a public setting. ‘The Dome’ extends existing projection scenarios by combining novel lightweight engineering, methods of digital fabrication, spatial video mapping and digital placemaking.
This project was made possible via reflective and collaborative design and research. It served as platform to celebrate the work of Swinburne’s graduates in Motion Design at the GradX Design Futures exhibition. ‘The Dome’ was suspended in the AMDC bulding foyer for all attendees of GradX to experience. The exhibition opening night attracted more than 1500 visitors and ‘The Dome’ received high acclaim from Swinburne staff, students, industry guests and the general public. This installation piece results from and feeds into current research investigations by the authors. It has since been used to demonstrate our capabilities and to help secure a further commission from ACMI for a separate major public art installation on Flinders Street, Melbourne.